Arduino Installation

Introduction To Arduino :


To perform experiments on Vbo you need to install its Programming Software known as Arduino. Follow below steps to download software:

Step 1:

Open Internet Browser and type there. This an official site of Arduino to download its software.

Step 2:

Go to Software tab and click on it.

Step 3:

Go to windows installer option and click on it. By doing this we can latest version of Arduino IDE .

Step 4:

Click on Just Download option and your Software downloading will get started.



Step 5

After downloading is completed, go to This PC option. Double click on Download folder located in left side of screen.

Step 6:

You will get this Arduino-1.8.3 –windows exe file with its logo. Dobule Click on it installer window to start installation procedure.

Step 7:

After this we will get this message. Click on ‘Yes’ option.

Step 8:

Select “I Agree” option.


Step 9:

Click on ‘Next ’ button tab

Step 10:

Click on ‘Install ’ option

Now your installation is going to start. While installation is going on you can see this on your PC Screen.

Step 10:

Click on ‘Install ’ option for Driver installation.

Step 11:

Click on ‘Install ’ option for Driver installation.

Step 12:

After completion of installation process you will get  Arduino  shortcut on your screen.

Now you are Arduino Software is completely installed on you are Computer/laptop ,so Enjoy this Tutorial right now 🙂

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