Driver Installation (Autosaved)

After Installation of Arduino Software,

connect your Arduino Board to your PC / Laptop. Open Arduino Software.  First check that you are having COM Port which is important for downloading program.

It may happen that you are not getting any COM port number. So how to download program??

Or you may get many COM ports like COM1,COM2 etc but which one is for Arduino program downloading  ?? Answer is quite easy. If you are getting more number of COM ports in your Port then first disconnect your Board and see which COM ports are already present there.

If you are getting same ports then those are not yours. You have to find your correct port and for this you have to check whether your Driver software is installed properly or not. Driver software is usually used to connect your hardware with your Arduino software. This is indicated by specific Com port number. Here are some steps which are useful for Driver installation.

Step 1:

Copy CH340 Driver(Driver1) software from CD to desktop or any location. In this we are copying it on Desktop to make work easy.


Step 2:

Go to task bar. Type in search  Device Manager. It keeps Record of all hardware devices connected to PC/Laptop. Open device manager by clicking on that.

Step 3:

You will see this on Your screen. Click on Other devices option. In that you will find option USB2.0-Serial. Right Click on this You will get options as shown in figure. Click on Update Driver Software option.


Step 4:

After selecting option you will get these two options. First one is Serch automatically for updated driver software. This will use internet for downloading driver. If you do not have internet connection then it may give an error. To avoid this we will choose Browse my computer for driver software option.

We can select folder or location in which your software is already there. This is an offline method of installation of driver software.


Step 5:

Give path of Driver 1 folder. In this path is Desktop à Driver1. Click on OK Button.

Step 6:

Now you will get this. Verify the location which you have given is correct or not. Now Click on Next Button.

Step 7:

It will show us this. This indicates that your installation is running.

Step 8:

After completion of installation we will get this. Click on Close tab

Step 9:

Again open Device manager and click on Ports option. You will see USB-SERIAL

CH340 (COM 9) option. COM 9 is your Com port for program downloading.

Step 10:

Now open Arduino software and check you are getting your Com port as COM9 or not. If yes start to explore programming with Vbo.

So , Enjoy This Tutorial and keep Visiting 🙂


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